evicted palestinians live in tents in iraq

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    The Iraqis are evicting them, because as even the Arabs will tell you,at least those who have had dealings with them........it is difficult to trust them..........Snooker

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    Evicted Palestinians live in tents in Iraq

    By Reuters

    BAGHDAD - Hundreds of Palestinian families who have lived in Iraq for more than half a century are finding themselves on the streets after being evicted from their homes following the fall of Saddam Hussein.

    More than 35,000 Palestinians who lived in Iraq since they were displaced from their homeland upon Israel's founding in 1948 have enjoyed Saddam's protection, often being housed in the homes of Iraqis evicted by authorities for opposing the government, or in government property.

    But now that U.S. troops have toppled Saddam, many have found themselves on the streets after some original homeowners returned to claim their property or when other Iraqis, taking advantage of the legal vacuum following Baghdad's fall in April, have simply taken over government houses forcing tenants out.

    Dr. Anwar al-Awawda, who runs a clinic in the camp, said some 350 families have moved into tents set up in the clinic's courtyard around an unexploded U.S. missile in Baghdad's Baladiyat area.

    "Now there is no government, some 350 Palestinian families have been expelled from their houses and the number is on the rise every hour," Awawda said.

    He said the families, who were sharing 64 tents, were mostly living on handouts from charities or neighbors. Many other Palestinians have moved in with other relatives in Baghdad.

    "I left my grown-up daughters and my wife at a house of one of my relatives. I can not bring them here. It is very difficult to live here," said Samir Mohammed, 44.

    No security

    Some of the families said they were given time to evacuate their homes while others were forced to leave on the spot.

    "They kicked me out of the house and hit my daughter," said Hayat Hussein, 40, a mother of four.

    Sitting in a bare tent except for a rug and some clothes, Hussein said she had sold all her house furniture to earn some money to buy food.

    "They threatened us with guns to force us to leave," said Fatima Khudhur, another woman.

    "We left our things with our relatives. There is no place for them here," she said.

    Many camp dwellers said they regretted Saddam's downfall.

    "No one dared to harm us when he was here," said Thamir Mohammed. "There is no Iraq without Saddam Hussein. He was a strong man."

    Referring to widespread lawlessness and looting that gripped Iraq after Saddam's downfall, Mohammed said the U.S.-led war had served only "the thieves".

    "We want asylum in any country, Australia, Canada, anywhere but not in any Arab or Islamic country. They are all traitors," he added.

    "Children all over the world learn how to use computers while the Palestinian child learn how to live in a tents," he said.

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