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Even if your not a shareholder

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    Even if your not a shareholder in ASC you should contact the ASX and complain, l have, also ASIC. What a joke the Australian stock market has become, the idiots running this company should go to jail. And for those people that say "Told you so" get stuffed, You can't blame people for investing in ASC when it's trading at 4 times current earnings loaded with cash and has no debt, who the hell would have ever thought they come out and say, opps we're not going to make 11.6m now we're going to take a loss for the first half. Sorry to the guy that bought my shares at .25, hope you get your money back.

    This is like way back when l lost money in Clifford Corp, never did l think it was being run by criminals but it was. l had bought months before a feature article in "Shares Mag" saying it was a well managed booming small cap. Great.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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