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Originally posted by Coppertown048I certainly respect your view....

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    Firstly I am not a bloke. It never occurred to you?

    Secondly you are supposed to consider arguments on their merits. Not blast someone because they happened to have annoyed you in the past.

    Thirdly, I have in the past, and continue to TU someone who I disagree with or don't agree with every aspect of what they say. Why? Because TU's are about respecting the quality of discussion, not a slug em out battle to the death. It's about respect for the position of another. In your case you cannot seem to accept that others such as myself have a different perspective and you've tried time and again to silence others such as myself. Don't pretend it's the reverse. Try to be more tolerant. Our concerns aren't going away.

    Finally yes we are indeed heavily leveraged to copper. It's precisely why CMMC went for the deal. Because the Cu at Roseby is far more easily and cheaply accessed than that at Copper Mountain and region. And twice the Cu levels. It's why theyre full steam ahead on the project. CMMC has been busily attempting to save itself for the long term. AOH wasted valuable time with the chinese and stupidly locked themselves into exclusivity. There was no need.

    Basically CMMC have bailed themselves out of trouble with this deal. And yes, it could still end badly, even despite that strategy.

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