HDR hardman resources limited

euroz shareholders benefit more!!!

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    I noticed in the small print that the new issue was underwriten by Euroz Securities. ( EZL/EZLO).

    EZL is a "boutique" stock broker specializing mostly in capital raisings. Its only capitalized at $35 million. The HDR raising is sure to add at least $1 million to its profits.

    I havent looked at the figures recently but it used to sit on a PE of about 6, and a dividend of 8%, but rarely trades as the directors and top 10 hold most of the shares, and just sit on them for the dividends.

    So this has to help EZL's bottom line.

    On a side note, it is completely beyond me why people are paying $1.30 for HDR shares now. In 4 weeks there will be 70 million $1.10 on the market. People will be able to sell at $1.15 and make 5% in a month and so will be happpy to do so. Im guessign that HDR will be close to $1.10 if not lower within the next month.

    Look at what happened with OXR and NCA. Its bizzare how the price hangs up before the new issue then as sure as the sun rises, drops to around issue price or below afterward.

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