european nickel announcement

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    For those that missed it, and I include myself unless it came out after close, RML have released a Most encouraging report that EN released under yesterday's date, although it might have only hit he board today.

    It offers unqualified support for the projects in the Philippines including, and especially, the Heap Leach trials and, the DSO's.

    In part it confirms it has bought the land for the Heap Leach trial and, have applied to the government for approval to start.

    Additionally it confirms the DSO's are fully committed to provide cash flow for the ongoing development programmes and, clear the stockpile over the next 4 months. They also went on to confirm that it "opens up a whole new region of opportunities for us"......Wow!

    This time I do believe we are on a medium to long term winner. On the basis of EN's commitment, I change my position.
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