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europe`s shareholders position

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    think all europeen shareholders are on the site of
    the gladstone projekt.
    that what mr.falaknaz like to do is the same like bqt.
    sharjah is an absolutely high risk projekt !
    what`s the opionion of the gladstone ministers about this
    projekt ? there opionion is the same as from example Mr.Kahale. he told me bevore 3 month. sharjah is not bad but gladstone is the big deal, believe me mr.xxxx the big
    deal !
    we in europe are organized since a few weeks in an shareholder club the aim is to have every time the power of more than 200 Mio.Votes .

    all what we like to see is shareholder value thinking in all parts of the company and one aim for all of us.
    results who let get the share price up and strong value for
    the future. with this power of votes we like to help were we can.

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