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    New Traders...
    It's easy to use OptionVue 5. Basic features and intuitive tools gently but deliberately guide you into the world of options. One helpful feature actually looks for your best trade opportunities. At your own, comfortable pace you'll develop skills and confidence. The real beauty of OptionVue 5 -- it grows right along with your growing passion to win.

    Experienced Traders...
    You'll appreciate OptionVue 5's versatility. Create and test new strategies with ease , track more information, explore "what if" scenarios, and manage your growing portfolio. OptionVue 5 powers your passion to win as you refine your skills and move toward more advanced trading techniques.

    More Detailed Information for Experienced Traders

    Advanced Traders...
    OptionVue 5's advanced performance features mean there's no limit to how far you can push the software's analytical power, nor how much information - the market's and yours -- OptionVue 5 can manage. Simply put, you can't overpower the world's most powerful options trading software. It's designed to help you win.

    More Detailed Information for Advanced Traders

    Professional Traders...
    OptionVue 5 Professional Edition is a real-time risk management system for professional option traders.

    Rich in features, sound in analytics, flexible and easy-to-use, OptionVue 5 Pro delivers real-time market information, position analysis, and risk management for market makers, trading firms, commercial hedgers, and hedge fund managers.

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