eto charts for the revhead

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    hi gav....
    how you doin?

    yes its easy to overlay charts in most software, use "chart comparison"
    the big problem is getting the eto data in there in the first place.
    Most good software has the ability to import eto data , including open interest, but NO aussie data providers sell what you need. So you have an eto/futures quote file in metastock, and the ability to overlay charts , but no eto data.

    The only way to do it is in excel. Excel can query a webserver like comsec, sanford or marketcast. The youll have the eto data in excel and the stock chart in metastock. OK , so you can export the data to metastock BUT you need the ability to chart minute by minute quote files, so you need a software that can chart live. Most only chart daily.
    Thats where I gave up.
    Far better to stay in excel and just compare implied volatlity to historical volatility. Youll need to learn VBA programming and black scholes option formulaes to do all this. I did it in 6 mths. Its very heavy, but I like the road less travelled.

    Beaten paths are for beaten men.
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