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    Ethanol bad for one third of cars

    Up to a third of Australia's 10 million cars will not operate satisfactorily on petrol containing 10 per cent ethanol, it was reported.

    The Sydney Morning Herald said the figures came from the ethanol working group established by the government to advise on capping ethanol levels at 10 per cent and the compulsory labelling of fuel contents.

    The government has deemed petrol with 10 per cent ethanol - or E10 - safe.

    But the paper reported that around two million cars manufactured before 1986, plus 800,000 Ford Falcons made before 1998 and a variety of late-model vehicles including Toyotas, Suzukis and Ferraris, would not perform on E10.

    Industry sources say between 30 and 40 per cent of cars would not perform satisfactorily on E10 and may even be damaged by it.

    The working group said with so many cars affected, it would be impractical to give detailed information about ethanol content at petrol stations.

    It recommended that drivers instead be referred to car manufacturers via websites or call centres, the paper reported.

    A spokeswoman for Environment Minister David Kemp told the paper the government had not yet decided on the form of pump labelling.

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