esx beware ? overpriced +msg for newbies

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    Originally the asg merger with esx was 1asg = 6.5 esx (or so)shares, meaning esx was worth about 3c given asg placement price is 20c. BUT now the recon is 1 for 22.22.This means Esx shares are really only worth 0.9c (20/22.22) Esx shares are trading at 2.1c which equates to a listing price of asg of 47c. Well perhaps ASG is going to be good or perhaps maths is not a strong point of some stockbrokers or they dont read annoncements. If you got in the esx float at 40c and did not sell, asg will have to go to approx 10 bucks to break even. Im a trader so deserve to get tourched when I fall in love with a stock. Ah well i got the cup and tea shirt. TWENTY_TWO times not good ESX. So moral of story forget the cup, teashirt ,just trade and make a profit, hardly any small companies make it but the rumours are good for buying and selling.
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