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    re: translink (sanfran2) Translink SanFran2 coming up soon--source company announcement section.233 page report downloadable from the ASX compiled by chartered accountants Ernst and Young states between March and May--this cross checks with various newspaper stories around the world, that give updates on phase 2.Strong buy from the deeming level where it is well supported in market depth in my view.10.632/deemed 5% 10.1004 at 1/4/0362,499,492 Company reconstructing getting better all the time, 30 million worth of recurrent savings done last year, with what is happening now a further 18.75 mill in current liability is being eliminated and 249.7 million in non current liability is exchanged for the extra shares.
    By the time it all comes out in the wash--a company with a clean balance sheet post June30th 2003.
    San Francisco where ERG do other cities relates to financial year 2001 the MOT settlement 8.4% of ERG's capital--so it brings forth value from the past accounts.
    (note the recent announcement (today) appointment of Tony Shepherd--settlement of Proton--alliance agreements that went with that--ie 52.4m provision--linked to earout 40.9m--over ten years--re ST Microelectronics--inclusion -chip/customersERG/twenty years global 5 years choice of access/5 customers--note recent developments overseas--too numerous to mention (ie multi application capability of the card.
    Last of the transit operators to say yes to Seattle and Washington is due soon too/note bonding arrangements in relation to this.
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