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    ERG Wrongdoing Pulic Trial Continue.
    Post by ERG Class Action, Join us by e-mail to [email protected]
    Or [email protected]
    The big boys always want shareholders to believe they did wrong investment and should blame self. But let us see the true value assessment.
    Please download all document as evidences. If they do not pay back your asset, anyone can send them to jial.

    [ERG Class Action Research Report 1] [4]

    [Counting True Value method B], by recent news after ERG assets transferred.
    Total Assets True Value=$650.80 millions.
    The major projects are completed and sold ERG USA assets within half year. See Evidence C --- < ERG and VIX News Issue History >. (see counting details later)

    ERG Assets True Value Assessment. 15/10/2007~30/6/2008~7/2009 and later.

    Amount A: Payment or Cost 1/7/07~ 30/12/08
    (ref pg 11 in B:[Independent Expert s Report and Financial Services Guide 15/10/2007]
    and [ERG Monthly Report Summary 31/5/2008~31/12/08])
    Amount B: Receivable From Customer 1/1/09~ 30/6/09 (estimate)
    Amount C: Cash Flow 1/7/09~ 30/12/12.(ref Pg 34 A2:[ Independent Experts Report 17/9/2008])
    Unit : A$ Millions

    -15/10/2007 Other
    Amount A: $97.4
    -20/06/2008 Beijing,Value $20m
    Amount A: $20
    -1/12/2007 Gothenburg, Value $27.9m
    Amount A: $27.9
    -9/06/2008 Utha,new contract.
    Amount C: ? data hided by ERG
    -1/12/2008 UK Stagecoach,launched national rail smartcard pilot.
    Amount C: ? data hided by ERG
    -1/09/2008 Stockholm,official launch in 9/2008,to expand.
    Amount A: $47.2
    -15/03/2009 Sydney: Fast Ferries
    Amount C: ? data hided by ERG
    -15/03/2009 SINGAPORE: Causeway Link Win. a new contract,bus ticketing.
    Amount C: ? data hided by ERG
    -1/05/2009 MONACO Bus contactless smart card
    Amount C: ? data hided by ERG
    -4/05/2009 Seattle, launched
    Amount A: $45.6
    Amount B: $74.4
    -11/05/2009 San Francisco ready, passed testing.$201m total
    Amount A: $52.52
    Amount B: $148.48
    -6/07/2009 * Sold Business to Cubic. U$20 revenue/year*15 years * 40% margin.
    Amount B: $150 (estimated. data hided by ERG)
    -30/06/2009 * Refund bond after completed projects.
    Amount B: $50 (estimated. data hided by ERG)
    -Maybe later * Sydney T-card 95% completed project transfer to Cubic.
    Amount C: $200 (estimated. data hided by ERG)
    -Maybe later * Sell all global business, software and technology assets.
    Amount C: $150 (estimated. data hided by ERG)

    Total Sumary
    -Total Receivable from Customers
    Amount A: $290.62
    Amount B: $422.88
    -Total Staffs Cost in Cash Flows Report.(150s moved to Cubic, 50 be fired.)
    Amount A: -$122
    Amount B: -$80
    -Total Working Capital in Cash Flows Report.(No more projects cost)
    Amount A: -$166.7
    Amount B: -$20
    -Total Payment by Customers in Cash Flows Report
    Amount A: $302.7
    Amount C: $8
    -Total Customers over paid
    Amount A: $12.08
    -Total Assets True Value= $660.80 millions
    Amount B: $310.8
    Amount C: $350
    -If plus other potiential value and total 5 items hided by ERG, Total could be $1000 millions.
    -Doubting cost found in ERG Cash Flow 31/5/2008 ~ 31/12/2008:
    179.5 Millions Working Capital,most of projects already completed 90%, why still large?
    It may be for hiding ERG true value.

    Continue next weekend
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