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ERG - Who Wants to be a "Shareholder"

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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Entering the market is as much about "buying" as it is about "selling".

    Comments like these;

    "Yes posters such as Informer who may have some accreditation and knowlege of the markets use it in a destructive way rather that a helpful way to others on BB's"

    Needs to be read in context with the emotion that surrounds shareholders interest in stocks.

    ERG has attracted alot of speculation and misunderstanding. To date, this company has been on a downward slide, caught in a spiral, with the a lack of market confidence.

    I am amazed that shareholders continue to hold on where there are so many other alternatives. Selling happens to be one, you can always buy back in if the market turns.

    The commentary on ERG needs to be held in context with the facts. This stock has a going concern issue, questionable accounting practices, a board that has failed to manage the capital base of the company not to mention the many promises that have been made and failed to be delivered.

    For the benefit of being an ERG shareholder how have you all been rewarded, significant losses, cash reserves being absorbed in loss making projects, rights issue share price being decayed by a declining share price and wait for it, continued dilution of shareholder value, conversion of convertible notes and the mega conversion of ERGG on the agenda.

    So for all the fans of Eddy and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" well you may have a long wait for ERG to make you a happy shareholder.

    Is that an Iceburg on the horizon. On the deck of the Titanic there is one thing for certain, this could be your last cruise.

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