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    Excellent post.

    We, ERGites are all watching this stock carefully.

    I have said it many times before. ERG has extraordinary potential. It is clear that ERG is living on the edge.

    Until we receive half yearly results we are all in the dark.

    The most important factor will remain ERG's ability to derive revenue from multi-applications. We have seen to date very little growth in this area.

    Yet the foundations are steadfast with the aquisition of Proton being a extemely strong aquisition.The true value of Proton is undeniable. It is the key to Alladins cave.

    I remain a true believer as ERG's principal source of revenue and its ability to provide cutting edge AFC's remains at the forefront. That is undisputable.

    Furthermore we are definitely heading towards a cashless society and ERG already has substantial mass to back up its poor market cap atm.

    As for management well they have bitten the bullet. I must say the writedowns have at the very least tempered even the most emotive investor.

    We always knew ERG was a high risk stock. Yet they have continued to win contracts and have important heavyweight alliances. Financing is not an issuewith the prospects of winning further contracts.
    I belive ERG has weathered the storm and will slowly regain composure.
    Particularly now as it has gone to the mattresses.

    Who dares wins. It is that simple. You want to play it safe then buy NAB. Sorry but that is not for me!!

    This is not going to happen next week. It is a long term prop with a undeniably strong market leadership.

    We shall see.....

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