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ERG - The True Believers are Back

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    Welcome Back

    The true believers have returned to the market.

    As a quick response...expletives please...the emotion that surrounds this stock is showing thru once again.

    T3 cut in today. 20 to 18.5 cents as predicted.

    Predictions on profitability, wow, now how do we come to these numbers, what financial models have been created that can define the financial performance of this company. What are the fundamental assumptions that underpin these numbers.

    There are many analayst that have tried to predict the future. To date these analaysts have found it increditably difficult to understand the business and its underlying cost structure.


    Perhaps we are dealing with a company that the standard business model does not apply. This is not a sausage factory, it is about development risk, technolgy risk, market penetration, technology acceptance and project management. This is not your ordinary business. Therefore, I suspect that any assumptions on profitability and outlook is limited.

    The experts have come and gone. The predictions made by these experts did not eventuate. On the way down many of these experts continued to predict profits and growth.

    What has been delivered. Losses, acquisitions that have generated goodwill numbers that are unsustainable and unrealistic. Please do not forget that this company acquired Proton with deferred consideration. "CASH" locked into the deal subject to price hurdles. Why enter a transaction with this risk embedded in the deal.

    The ERG share price is far from robust and the technology market has moved into a different stratum level. Why lock in shareholder value on a deal that have a long pay back period if at all.

    This model is unproven an untested. That is the basics.

    This company will continue to pursue deals and opportunities. However can we please reflect on the basics. the way. Bonkers was a true beleiver who has disappeared from the forum however is alive and well. If I am not mistaken he continued to push the share price on the way down while other were continuing to provide a more realistic view on the stock.

    Please continue to buy this stock...ultimately it is your choice.

    Contradictory debate is about open communication. This is not personal to me...verbal abuse and behaviour of this kind should be limited to your own space and the people that surround you.

    It is very brave to enter this forum to puff your chest out and pretend to be a macho man when in fact that is contrary to your own behaviour. I wonder how brave you would be on a face to face basis confronted with your foe. Eye ball to eye ball.

    If you choose to live this way then so be it however adults with some inteligence should concentrate on the debate.

    My view may well be different to your view however that is what it is all about.

    I am not long or short on this stock. I have seen this stock evolve into an emotional roller coaster, the highs and the lows have driven the daytraders sentiment.

    Have lots of fun with stock...the daytraders are in and in to stay while there is volume, volatility and action.

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