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ERG - The Titanic is Sinking

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    Ladies and gentlemen

    So with the passage of time one would have to consider how the evolution of time has impacted on the ERG story.

    We have seen some good news announced in respect of the Sydney contract and we have seen the loss of the brisbane contract.

    Once again the messages from the company and the market have been mixed.

    The traders have had an outrageous amount of fun with this stock. Playing both sides ot the equation both long and short.

    The market is now in a a critical phase, waiting...waiting for something to happen, GOOD or is waiting.

    The true believers are still on board,while the life boats are being lowered into the ocean. The company is desperate to do a deal with someone, in fact is desperate to do a deal with anyone.

    You need to ask yourself why has the Sydney contract not been officially been awarded to ERG, perhaps the answer relates to the fact that the NSW government is scared of awarding a contract to a company that is a dud as it nears an election.

    The delay in the announcement of the financial results to the market is just a reflection of the facts. The management must be pursuing a life saving event. Something is on the agenda however will it be good news or bad news. It is such a gamble that you need to have nerves of steel.

    The market has decided it is a "SHORT" position and one that many players are taking on with great gusto. Well for me, I again must reiterate that this to hot to handle.

    This company has continued to disappoint. No appreciation of the market and shareholders. Has the market been informed of the performance of the company in the 2nd half, surely they must be aware of the second half performance. It is very clear to me that the market can expect more bad news. The board have continued to snup there nose at the market. If I am not mistaken this company has a going concern issue. One would suggest that they have a responsibility to "shareholders" who ever they are, to the truth, both good or bad.

    To all those shareholders that have continued to hold on in a declining market take this opportunity to join the rest of the cast of the Titanic onto life boats. This could be your last chance to row your self away from a sinking ship.

    I hope this does not sound to harsh for some however this message is very clear...when you are on the deck of the Titanic you need to decide whether the sounds of the violin players are more appealing that the sounds of the ocean lapping on the side of the life boat.

    This is an interseting period. Be careful out there
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