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    Intersting week this one.
    We learn that the Commonwealth Bank has increased its annual credit card fee to $59.00. Amazing!! A fee just to hold a card. The fees now are approx 1.5% on a cash advance plus up to 18% per annum. On top of that a merchant fee. Is that 3.5%?? Plus penalties for late payment etc.Plus access fees via atm's among others.
    On top of that Visa and Mastercard have decided to challenge the Reserve banks decision to open the scam, sorry market, to competition.
    The USA and Europe share a similar objective.Now we know that banks globally have set 2005 as the cutoff for transition to the s/card. Wielding a big stick to fraudulent conversion they expect to save $billions by adopting such strong security measures.
    The ID s/card is another hot item. The USA and the UK expect to invest $7-8 billion on the rollout alone. As expected we learn that the so called civil libertarians have a problem with this;

    Big Brother's national ID card
    Washington Times 5th Oct 2002
    A national Identification card — complete with biometic identifiers, such as fingerprints or retinal scans — is coming. Only it's not being called that. House Resolution 4633 — the Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002 — would effectively create a national ID if it's passed. The bill would require each state to adopt a uniform standard for driver's licenses and link their motor vehicle databases to a central computer registry. H.R. 4633 would "amend title 23, United States Code, to establish standards for state programs for the issuance of drivers' licenses and identification cards, and for other purposes." It would make use of "encoded biometric data matching the holder of the license or card." In other words, American citizens who have never committed any crime would be subject to fingerprinting (or something similar, such as a retinal scan) and compelled to carry a card with an embedded computer chip containing reams of personal information.
    What the legislation calls for is, in fact, a national ID card that every adult American would effectively be forced to carry. The only way to opt out would be to give up one's driver's license — something that is not practical in an era when, outside of major cities, being able to drive is a necessity without which one cannot secure or maintain employment. And like the now-ubiquitous Social Security number — which, recall, was "never to be used for identification purposes," but which is now almost impossible to conduct any business without — the coming national ID/driver's license will almost certainly become an item without which one cannot open a bank account, obtain a credit card, purchase a car or home, and so on.
    As Eric Skrum of the National Motorists Association put it recently: "Ultimately, anybody in any state with a card reader would be able to look up your personal driving record, credit rating, Social Security number, health information, personal address, and anything else the government would force you to divulge in order to 'voluntarily' obtain a driver's license."
    They can call it whatever they want, but the end result will be the same. This bill should be rejected as being incompatible with a free society.

    That article illustrates the ignorance concerning the nature and security of the smartcard.
    If anyone chooses to to apply for a drivers licence, passport,bank account etc one has to provide name and address, date of birth,sex, next of kin,occupation, credit history etc, etc, etc. Personal info that is pertinent to obtaining the service required.
    The facts are Smartcards are smart. It is near impossible to use another persons smartcard without knowing personal details ie pin plus if required biometric data. It will be next to impossible to access sensitive areas without being in collusion with the card owner. To suggest that a govt body will learn more about an individual garnered from the card is nonsense.
    Essentially the authorisation requirements are the same. Except that the Smartcard is so secure that it will render fraudulent use to practically zero.
    The fear campaign is demonstrably superficial as it does not address the fact that for anyone to access state funded, public or govt institutions one has to provide personal data. The facts are an ID card will offer security that is unparralelled. That is why the USA and UK and most other countries uncluding Europe and Australia are moving toward them.
    That is why banks globally have set 2005 as the cut off date for compliance.It is about personal security. We simply do not have that atm. That is why if anything personal info now is just about as unsecure as you could possibly get it.
    We are living in an unfree society due to vulnerability of current sytems that are fast becoming obsolete.

    You simply will not be able to gain access to anyones card unless you have the same fingerprints,the same iris, who knows, ultimately the same chromosome configuration, . To suggest that there are NO secure functions of a smartcard given after all that is their most important function,SECURITY, is absurd.
    Why is it that credit cards do not have photographic ID? Why do we have a signature that almost anyone can copy? A number tha anyone can quote? That so many merchants ignore such feeble authorisation because he/she knows the banks will honour fraudulent use under a set fee currently $140.
    My credit card was cancelled a few months ago, without my knowledge, because a merchant at a petrol station decided to use my card number, and hundreds of others for fraudulent use.It is that easy.

    Eric Skrum ignores the fact that that so many companies insist on personal details that ofcourse are used internally for profit and then sold to other bodies for a fee.Trading such data is a major global business. I find such opposition extremely hypocritical.

    The bottom line here is security.The fear campaign will no doubt base such a premise with similar misinformation.
    One need not look much further than passports to recognise the need for ID s/cards given the nature of the blackmarket. Sept 11th has provided an ultimatum to all countries to fight back.

    Now that time is fast approaching. ERG has now moved off the rails and is positioned very nicely, very nicely indeed.

    Cubic has decided NOT to bid on WMATA Customer Service Centre contract. I wonder why???

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