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    Extract from another site.

    "It is obvious. The Informer wears a different "Nick" because he is unsure. Anyone that reads my posts knows who I am and where I come from. I have nothing to hide.The Informer does not use factual debate to back his bias. How can he. His knowledge of the industry is minimal. I dressed him down on this forum 3 years ago. He is a kid who desperately seeks an ego boost by parroting other peoples research. "

    Another very interesting response from an ERG shareholder.

    The reference to kid is hardly appropriate. One could hardly presume that this level of discussion is at that level. In the scheme of things...this is for the BIG BOYS...Which happens to be the space that I am accustomed too.

    As for knowledge of the industry...that is not what it is all about.

    As I have stated, good technology is only as good as the management and board that control it together with the financial health that controls the technology.

    To date ERG management and Board have failed to deliver vale to shareholders. There is a multitude of technology that has never delivered its full potential to shareholders.

    Good technology, is only part of the equation there is much much more.

    As for dressing me down previouly, please that is wishful thinking. On the intellectual scales it is interesting that you would presume that you hold all the cards in this case. I find this a humerous and a dilutional interpretation of the debate.

    When we make reference to the smart card industry it is interesting that we presume that ERG has a capacity to convert this leading edge technology into value for shareholders. There is an optimal amount of proof that suggests that ERG has deceived the market and has a questionable integrity.

    Do yourself a favour, the AGM is an ideal opportunity to add value to the company, its simple, remove the BOARD and watch the share price move.

    Hanging onto the old guard can only spell one thing...more pain for shareholders.

    As for ORGINAL this debate there can only be date..the balance of evidence rests in the hands of "The Informer"

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