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EPS growth

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    Roweka, I guess we should use their new diluting shareholding of 440 million (up from 396 mil), even though it was right at the end of FY from memory.

    FY16 Actual EPS

    Say $9.2 million EBITDA x 0.7 = $6,440,000/440 mil shares = 1.5c EPS x 25 (industry average) = 37c SP

    FY16 Underlying EPS

    $13 mil underlying EBITDA x 0.7 = $9,100,000/440 mil shares = 2c EPS x 25 = 50c SP

    FY17 est EPS

    If we assume a lift in EBITDA of 80%, MBE should deliver this FY around $16.5 mil EBITDA IMO

    $16.5 mil x 0.7 = $11,550,000/440 mil shares = 2.6c EPS x 25 = 65c SP

    FY17 est underlying EPS

    With more 13 countries coming on line their underlying EBITDA will be a very important figure which I hope they publish as these OS expansion costs are a one-off and now fully funded (unless they but another company) by the $20 mil in cash from the CR.

    $20 mil underlying EBITDA x 0.7 = $14 mil/440 mil shares = 3.2c EPS x 25 = 80c SP

    So as you can see we are still barely trading at last FY's multiple with plenty of blue sky on offer at 36c IMO.

    And I repeat, the smart phone revolution is only now starting to ramp up which started with FB going mobile a few years back and the latest circuit breaker with Pokomon Go highlighting like lithium, the new hot sector to have your hard earned invested in.

    Pods & Co, do you concur with my numbers?
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