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    If you are a serious/heavy investor of KNL then I highly recommend a trip to Tanzania and visit Mahenge and the project site. Mahenge is the main town near Epanko - which is also famous for gem quality spinel. It is a beautiful region. I spent the past 10 years living 70km from Mahenge at a large rural town called Ifakara. I am not invested in KNL. First question that comes to my mind is how the hell KNL are going to economically and feasibly transport product to market. Roads would need serious upgrades and finance is the least of your problems there. A bridge across the Kilombero River was planned for 20 years and finally started construction in 2012 and is still not finished - and the engineers got the levels wrong and it floods in the wet season. At present a ferry crosses the river and a teak company on the other side can only half load containers otherwise the ferry will sink. At least 150km of dirt road to the National Highway that can be impassable in the wet season. There is a train line 70km from Mahenge across the river at Ifakara but not set up for mine haulage. Anyway, great project, but plenty of challenges. Sorry for the negative spiel, but just saying if your are heavily invested then don't rely on your desktop assessment, new releases and HC.
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