Envirostar valued at 75c to $2.10 by ASSIRT EQUITI

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    With the 5 Megawatt Plant about to be lanched on the Gold Coast and two additional 20 Megawatt Green Waste to Energy Power Plants in the near future, to then be followed by a further seven 20 Megawatt plants, by rolling the equity of each completed plant into the next one... EElL is sitting pretty

    Assuming EEL can fund the third 20 Megawatt green energy plant, Assirt Equities valuation is around 75c per share with an upside of $2.10 per share. This does not include Carbon Credits.

    Please see the full report at > http://www.daytraders.net.au/eel/ASSIRT_EEL_Report.tif

    Recent progress reports would indicate that all systems are GO with EEL. See announcement from last Monday..

    Long term we might expect.. (5 x 20 MW) + (1x 5MW) at around $70,000,000.00 revenue p.a with a gross profit of $42,000,000 p.a which would equate to a share value of $10 - $12 p/share based on a future assumption of 125 mil shares being on issue. Mind, there are only about 57 mil shares on market at the present time.

    I think the market is about to discover the real value of this company! Currently trading under 30c.

    Also see http://www.envirostar.com.au and http://www.energyequipment.com for further business and technical information!
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