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    Here are some interesting links from http://www.theecologist.org on environmental/population issues.



    It would seem that oldngrey's claim that Tuvalu is not in danger of rising seas would seem to be untrue.

    "Already the lowland coconut plantation farmlands of Tuvalu are being swamped by the rising sea. Nearby islets have vanished forever, while the invisible creep of saltwater contaminates precious drinking supplies and stunts crop growth. Next year Paani and his young family will abandon their homeland and take advantage of a gracious offer of a new start from the government of New Zealand.
    Paani has little choice. Within as little as 50 years Tuvalu is projected to slide beneath the encroaching waters – a high-profile victim of the industrial excesses of the West. All that will be left of Tuvalu will be its status as a graphic footnote to mankind’s folly in experimenting with the atmosphere."

    And for all those other champions of denial on this forum, dont forget the quote that Bill T is fond of using:

    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
    Aldous Huxley

    Maybe it is just the natural order of the world. Maybe it is the will of Allah. So what if Australia may not be able to produce enough food for itself in one or two generations time? Already we only produce 70% of our seafood, but by imports and turning a blind eye to mercury content, a very satisfactory outcome is provided. By importing food, we wouldn't need the agricultural water, and without that just think of all the extra people we could fit into this country! Water restrictions only allow so much more people packing, you know. As long as profits can still be made by bulldozing the bush and knocking up housing estates, or by beefing up inner city density, who cares? God knows, there is no shortage of fodder for the people pumps to keep demand strong. And with Bob Carr the only voice against the fun and games, things aren't likely to change real soon, are they?

    So why worry? As Lord Keynes famously said, "In the end, we are all dead."

    I give the current population growth insanity in this country another ten years. So live it up while you can fellas.

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