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    Australian BioTech with very promising Cancer Drug

    Market Cap $14m
    Cash $1.5m
    Revenues $1.5m-$2m pa

    EpiChem the medical services division generates a small operating cash flow which helps fund Pitney the research arm of the company

    Pitneys lead drug PPL1 has been able to show reductions in key Cancerous Tumor Markers
    The drug is a new class of drug that is a first in kind and so novel

    The amazing part about the great news was the fact that PAA were doing a preliminary safety study on PPL1 and yet the drug at its lowest dose was able to show a marked reduction of between 8% and 65% in 4 out of 4 patients taking part in the trial.

    Of further great importance is the fact that all participants in the trial are terminal cancer patients with not long to live suffering from aggressive forms of cancer and have failed other standards of care, so PAA and it's PPL1 is trying to treat the WORST of the WORST Cancer for which there's is no hope or cure.

    At less than $15m this little Aussie Battler could be on the path to finding that silver bullet in Oncology and Cancer Treatments
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