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enter "the dragon" on pc phones

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    Below is a excerp from half yearly report,

    The "Gotrek" technology can deliver real Video to mobiles ,in China alone there is over 15,000 sales per month since release of the PC Pocket phone. GCN will recieve some $20-30 in upfront fees on sale of thes units.

    The important difference is quality and the fact that it is push technology and uses minimum bandwidth AT NO COST TO THE USER as against those being promoted by Simbian technology users.

    Pocket PC mobiles is expected over the nest few years to capture some 15% of the mobile market, with Microsoft totally committed it has a good chance.

    Gotrek can become the Foxtel content deliverer to mobiles.

    Some “hotcopperites” have been knockers of this Company ,progress has been slower than expected but we have a "Killer application " and very significant cash flows to start.

    April will be a month of announcements--- I for one will not wait

    "The Consolidated Entity has made substantial progress in the course of extending the
    distribution of the GoTrek Technology application to GPRS enabled mobile telephony devices for the transmission of video and audio messages to users of these mobile devices in the same way as the GoTrek Technology delivers messages to users of personal computers whilst they are on the Internet. The Consolidated Entity is launching within the next two months an interactive video subscription service for the mobile phone industry, with the receiving device being firstly the Microsoft Pocket PC Phone. In this regard, the Consolidated Entity is greatly encouraged by the assistance provided by Microsoft in the Consolidated Entity’s development of “Mobile Media” for the mobile phone industry. The Consolidated Entity is currently in advanced discussions with a number of organizations both in Australia, SE Asia and China to bundle this subscription service to the Microsoft Pocket PC Phone and mobile Internet phone services. At the same time, the Consolidated Entity is negotiating to enter into content partnerships to ensure that local language content will be delivered to the respective country that the subscription service will be made available. This is expected to result in new streams of revenue for the Company in the coming months."
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