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Well, is something brewing?.Yes, ENV had a good day today and a...

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    Well, is something brewing?
    Yes, ENV had a good day today and a better week compared to last few. From a weekly perspective, we moved to 2 from 1.8. We had a big dash couple of weeks back towards 2.6 which fizzled out. Since then 2 was acting as ceiling, 1.7 as big support. Most trades on 1.8. Today we touched 2.1, so have broken one barrier. We still have a few, but looking good for now.
    So is it just normal trading today or is something brewing? Not sure. It was a good day, but not spectacular, not yet ready to climb multiple obstacles in one go. Some news could be there shortly. There can always be some in the know, but we need confirmation and more volume for that. Other thing which I have been writing is the risk reward from here. I feel its good, there could be some new players who might also think like that. So many taking positions at the lows, as if something good happens, reward could be very significant. But anything can happen, so please check your risk reward.
    Personally no trades for me this week. Still holding heads at 1.6 and oppies just under 1. Want to see a break of 2.5, happy to buy higher as it covers risks. My play could be different as I already have a fair few. Many may think it's a good place to load up, if I didn't have as many as I have now, I might be adding to. If Monday holds good, will do a top up, not big. Overall I am still hopeful and positive, but some results have to support us, and some luck. We always need luck in the spec side of play. Let's hope lady luck is on our side.
    So what may happen next week? From today's trading, many may feel there is some unfinished business. There are still some sellers at 2. They have to be taken out. That will happen if 2.1 is taken out and making 2 support. The moment that happens, 2.5 comes into play. But we will only get out of this zone, if reach 2.8 to 3. So some work cut out. If it goes lower for some reason, let's hope 2 holds, if not 1.8. I feel, just looking at trading pattern, at this stage, odds of going towards 2.5 is better than going down, so let's see. So with the hope of a magic week coming up, enjoy your weekend and all the best.
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