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    I have been a long time holder of TZL, dating back to 2010, but until the past week, I have sold out of my 500,000+ shares. Unfortunately it was at a decent loss. I held on for 5+ years, hoping that the promise of potential would kick in, and hoping that the red I kept seeing on the screen with TZL would eventually turn green, but enough is enough. I used to like MB many years ago, but now, actions speak louder than words.

    I have really appreciated the posts by mm55mm, Robair, luckdog, Postmanpat, himself1, plus others, as you guys call it as you see it, but I got to the point that I had to sell. I kept asking myself, why am I still in this stock. Is it the potential, or am I trying to get my money back. The reason I got into this stock many years ago is not the reason anymore why I should stay. They used to be sitting near the front of the pack, but no not now, they are way back in the pack and fighting hard to breathe, which is very worrying.

    I thought to myself, I don't want to have such a large loss but I came to the conclusion that TZL (or the management) never appreciated my invested money, never did enough with my invested money, and never looked after the shareholders who entrusted their money with them, and still don't, SO therefore, they just don't deserve my invested money anymore. I'll give it or invest it with someone who does.

    As I said earlier, for some time the posts of mm55mm, Robair, luckdog, Postmanpat, plus others, have all been the same negative theme towards TZL, all that I agree with but as I this past week, I have jumped off this TZL meri-go-round and I'm out. And I feel great about it, I wish I had have done it sooner.

    I'm really disappointed I invested with TZL, but it's not worth waiting or trying to get my money back with TZL, I'll give it to someone who REALLY wants to do the right thing, who appreciates and values their shareholders, who wants to inform and build their share price more.

    I've lost a decent bit, but apart from the brokerage costs, I'll put what's left towards a company who appreciate my money more. I no longer have to stress about TZL and all its what ifs an what can be's.

    So to all currently still holding TZL, I honestly wish you all the best if you decide to stick around, but for me, as the title says, enough is enough, I'm out and I'm happy about it

    Good luck !
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