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Engineering Australia presentation by our CTO Chris Wood, page-3

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    my pleasure.. was $30 and a few hours well spent -would have been even if i didnt get to have a good 10 minutes 1 on 1 with Chris - which was extremely insightful.

    i could mention all the things he said to me personally but im not the sort of person that just reveals private conversations on internet forums - ive never seen some1 build trust that way.

    e.g visiting the Adelaide new offices in the next few days and ive also been invited and will visit the Sinagpore office when I am there next too #happytimes

    I too am VERY happy to be in this stock - we are all helping them make a difference to fund all the development and getting the partnerships/sales/ deals done to help all of our futures...

    there will be some fun times ahead and no doubt just like what happened to CSIRO with the WIFI patient some major multinational companies wont want to pay us a clip of their margins but if the tech becomes mainstream / accepted just like WIFI or HTTP or HTML then we are on an absolute motza and we WILL be taken over by one of the very big boys... [ this exact conversation was brought up ]

    just remember facebook bought instagram for 10 billion USD... we are playing in that end of the market if we get this right... and with someone of the caliber of John Stefanac our CEO to be involved we are on the right track [ ex president asia for both Qualcomm and Nokia ]

    Qualcomm market cap 79billion USD Nokia 26billion USD...

    XPED/RYG market cap in a few years???
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Currently unlisted public company.

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