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Engineering Australia presentation by our CTO Chris Wood, page-15

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    " just remember facebook bought instagram for 10 billion USD... we are playing in that end of the market if we get this right... and with someone of the caliber of John Stefanac our CEO to be involved we are on the right track [ ex president asia for both Qualcomm and Nokia ]

    Qualcomm market cap 79billion USD Nokia 26billion USD..."

    This post perfectly sums up exactly why so many people are interested in Xped.

    If this is played right this has every chance to be the beginning of a technological revolution.

    We may be saying one day that not only were we part of a technology revolution but we profited handsomely from it as well!

    Everyone must assess their own personal circumstances before investing but IMO the current price offers very little downside complimented with an unquantifiable upside.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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