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Engineering Australia presentation by our CTO Chris Wood

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    a great technical presentation covering so many aspects of the business / technology / solutions etc

    @blackpointer and I were indeed lucky and privileged to be able to chat so much to Chris in the small group and 1 on 1 with him.

    massive things coming up - some he talked in detail about, some he alluded to and some he told me he couldnt say at all - he is a very technical guy not a sales person giving a good HC ramp - i could see the passion and excitement in his face as he told me.

    as a previous network / systems engineer i could understand [ mostly lol ] the very technical descriptions about the chipsets / communications / solutions and am very impressed on how they are going about skinning the proverbial cat

    i will be visiting the new offices in a few days as Chris has very kindly said he will demo for me and show me all the bits and pieces of the ARDC solution - both legacy and current.

    talked about monetisation timelines... this isnt a techy company with pie in the sky revenue coming in 5 years time... they are signing deals now which will have income soon and have a good break even point in the not too distant future... im proud to be a shareholder

    expect some more announcements soon - they are coming... #winteriscoming [ except its summer and a very good summer for us ]
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Currently unlisted public company.

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