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Energy Lender Price Survey

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    Macquarie Bank (of all banks) does this in the US.

    Mutual of Omaha Bank is not a participant in the survey.

    The survey indicates Best Case and Base Case results and a Sensitivity Case for WTI, Brent and HH. These numbers are what goes into the 1P NPV10

    The Base Case 2015 WTI is $50.51 (High of $65 and low of $45)
    The Sensitivity Case WTI is $41.89 (that is the low price benchmark to test against and low $35 and high $60)

    Note that the Q1/15 is down 35.7% from Q4 of $78.53.

    That's why I highlighted the Debt as one of my concerns Buc. Until that has better transparency I prefer the sidelines to tipping in cash.

    It may of course be no issue at all.
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