ENE 0.00% 28.0¢ enevis limited

ene vs avn??? and the winner is......

  1. Yak
    13,672 Posts.
    Whop will get the nod???

    Hmmmmm....the price action on these two is interesting

    ENE goes up and down and it looks like nervouse nellies who may be locjking in profit form the rise from ~$1.80 - smart

    AVN the other contender is flat as a door nail - lower than when the decision was muted....

    Recent action has been nil.....

    So...it seems that the decision either may not have been made or it is being kept under really close wraps

    I'm going with ENE cause of spikes seem in past week or so - human nature being what it is there are always winks. nudges and whispers.
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