Paywalled so here's the text. Emphasis added."THE Carmichael...

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    Paywalled so here's the text. Emphasis added.

    "THE Carmichael coal mine will produce 10 times fewer emissions than Woolworths.

    Despite the frenzied environmental campaign against the project, new analysis shows the scaled-back version of the mine will produce far fewer emissions than many of Australia’s leading companies.

    Adani’s Galilee Basin project will be a prime target of today’s Climate Strike protest.

    The Palaszczuk State Government has stalled the mine’s final approval after ordering a last-minute review into a management plan for the endangered black-throated finch.

    Figures contained in Adani’s Environmental Impact Statement indicate the Carmichael mine will produce 0.24 million tonnes of emissions annually, about 0.04 per cent of Australia’s emissions.

    This includes emissions generated both on and off the mine site when it is operating at its proposed production rate of 10 million tonnes per annum.

    Clean Energy Regulator figures show supermarket giant Woolworths produced 2.7 million tonnes in 2017-18 while Qantas produced 4.4 million.

    The mine’s emissions jump to 12.9 million tonnes when the figures include those produced in India from burning the coal to create electricity.

    However, this is far below the 19 million tonnes emitted by State Government-owned power generator Stanwell last year and the 43 million tonnes produced by AGL.

    While Climate Strike organisers urge children to protest against Adani’s “mega coal mine”, Phase 1 of the Carmichael project will be smaller than the Clermont, Blackwater and Callide coal mines.

    An Adani spokeswoman said the debate about coal needed “facts not fearmongering”.

    “We recognise that people have differing opinions on mining thermal coal and the Carmichael Project, however it is important that they have the facts before joining a protest,” she said.

    The spokeswoman said if the Carmichael mine did not proceed, India would be forced to source coal from Indonesia, where the coal produces 28 per cent more emissions."
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