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    Below is a reply i received from Cluff Resources this morning at 8:25am, the email was sent at roughly 9:30pm last night, I was very delightfully surprised at the speed of their reply and as i have always known in regards to announcements and their shareholders Cluff, unlike many other companies, are very "shareholder friendly", and just on this alone are worth their weight in gold.

    Dear Sir,
    As a shareholder in Cluff Resources I have been waiting in anticipation of results from the testing of the magnetic anomolies at Glouster, in your announcement dated 12th Sept. you stated these tests would be carried out over the next month, could you please advise me when these results can be expected to be released to the market, also it has been quite a few months since anything was announced in regards to Cluff's sapphire and diamond interests, do you expect to release any information regarding these other interests?. Thank you in advance for your earliest reply.


    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We are aware that in answering your email it is likely to be posted directly to hotcopper or other stock forums, so we are very careful not to release information which may be misinterpreted or misused.
    Magnetic anomalies have been investigated as reported - however we want to be certain of our interpretations and accuracy of our readings before making any statements which will no doubt be widely scrutinised.
    With regard to our other interests, we are conducting feasibility studies and interpreting data which should result in some movements there before the end of the year.
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