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email from mark smyth

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    I emailed Mark last night requesting some elaboration on recent placements & yesterday's announcement.Whilst not all queries were answered I received a prompt reply & am more than satisfied:
    Dear xxx
    It is difficult matching the natural requirements of our shareholders with doing business in Angola.
    If we were a major company wecould set out a plan and stick to it.
    Because we are a small company we have to twist and turn until we get what we want.The Angolans will only award the good permits to substantial companies and I am only interested in good permits.
    With the metals we started with 30% of the Longonjo Licence and have managed to elbow our way into controlling 9 licence areas,which include a whole copper province.
    Because we have performed so well at Longonjo we have been gaining credibility all the time. This means that we have been moving closer and closer to the real power.
    On the Angolan Oil we started with Nexoil and have now upgraded to Falcon Oil who really are powerful.On Monday I had a private meeting with the head of Sonangol, the man who is supervising the production of 2 million barrels of oil per day. A month ago this would have been impossible.
    By the end of the year I want CityView to be a holder of valuable licences in oil,copper/gold and diamonds in Angola which will make us very attractive for a company like BHP.Having Ian Egan the former head of BHP Non-Ferrous close to me is ery helpful.
    With regard to Cameroon, I would like to swap Matanda for another asset.Matanda will make money but is not big enough to turn CityView into a billion dollar company.As soon as I am freed up from the Angolan negotiations,we will start Cameroon negotiations.
    I don't like doing placements.The recent ones have been going to key groups who I have been told are essential for our well-being in Angola.
    Regards Mark Smyth.

    Some meaningful new info. in here And it's up to the individual to back & trust management or not.Regardless one must accept they've acheived a lot in the past 12 months.
    I for one will hold and add for the end play
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