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    I posted this reply email today in a running thread and I don't know if many people saw it - however, I think it is important to note so accordingly I am re-posting it for the CNP'ers.

    I expressed my concerns to Glenn Rufrano that there is a lack of public information streaming from Centro and as (quite correctly) Poster 'swap' has mentioned, the information vacuum is being filled by inaccurate rumours, dubious information, and misleading Press reports. Accordingly, I asked Glenn (& the Company) to remedy this situation. Here was the reply:-

    [sic T/Pie],

    I understand your concern. Centro has it's earnings call next Thursday at which point we will discuss the half year results and give a variety of updates.

    You may also have noticed I sent a letter to the Age to correct earlier mistakes.

    Thank you,

    Every little bit helps IMO!

    Cheers, Pie :-)
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