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    Here the text of a mail from MD Gasson to a German
    speaking user :

    Dear Mr XXX

    Thank you for your interest and investment in Erongo.

    We are not expecting any results for the next 3 to 4 weeks depending on how
    quickly the laboratories are able to analyse our samples as they are pretty
    busy at the moment. As soon as we have these we will put out an

    In today's market it is difficult to say when the shares will go up but I
    can assure you we are doing everything possible to improve the situation. We
    have field crews mapping and sampling the remainder of the untested 400 odd
    kilometres on the Erongo Project where we will also be following up on
    uranium mineralization identified previously by other explorers. There are
    also untested calcretes on the Spitskoppe Project and a vast area of ground
    which will be mapped and sampled for new target generation.

    We have also started working on our mineral sands project and have had
    encouraging early results at surface as announced previously. Our
    environmental clearances are expected within a month after which we will be
    able to adequately test the potential at depth. The dunes cover an area of
    90km x 20km and are up to 250m thick so have huge potential to host a major

    I would not like to draw any comparisons to other companies but we remain
    optimistic of increasing our uranium resource base as well as discovery of a
    significant heavy mineral deposit. I believe Erongo has plenty of upside and
    we are looking forward proving this in the year ahead.

    Please feel free to contact me at any stage.

    Kind Regards

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