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    Interesting post on VNA on Ozestock today, with the email supposedly coming from VNA/Microgenix management....

    "Good morning,

    We have not tested the system against SARS, it would be impossible to keep up with every new virus that appears.

    The system has been proven 100% effective against bacteria and viruses - initial scientific trials against 8 billion spores of Anthrax eradicated them in 1 second, more recently clinical trials against Smallpox showed, once again, outstanding results. Bearing in mind Smallpox is a very difficult virus to eradicate we are confident that the Microgenix system would have highly significant effects upon SARS.

    It must be remembered that when we test the unit in a laboratory, billions of spores of bacteria or virus are put through the unit, in the normal scheme of things it would be almost unheard of for an air purification system to be called upon to cope with this amount of pathogens.

    Visions of medical staff and carers working with only face masks for protection is chilling, especially in light of this new technology which would significantly reduce their exposure to airborne bacteria and viruses.

    We are currently meeting orders for both duct mounted systems and portable units from hospitals in the Sovient Union and from a major hospital in Southern Ireland - in both cases their primary concern, for the moment, is SARS"

    ...Make what you want of it....

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