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    The shares opened higher today than they closed yesterday , they completed a higher low but the same high today as compared with yesterday .I do not like Filled in Candlesticks at or near a high I use blue when there is doubt, not green,On 23/26 November 2001 there was a somwhat comparable candlestick formation and then the next day they commenced a long fall until the price bottomed out on 24-1-02 having crashed back 26% .
    Intra day I looked on the charts and I have one other signal on my charts which warns me that there is a risk that they are 'blown ' full of Bulls waiting to get out watching to see if anyone presses the ejector button . I saw press comment last night , dated 12 th July, I think it was , some magazine, I was out at a friends , rare for me , I believe the old saying 'where there is a tip there is a tap' so I would be very careful as there would be many in the share because of the article who are ready to be given a big shearing.
    Charts are only part of matters and they work against Chartists sometimes as one can look at the chart and there is not an obvious signal which says sell or buy so one does not sell for example,that is good for one if one can use the charts to be ahead of all the other chartists on these tricky 'calls/puts', very difficult.Chart books , and trendy verbalisers are a waste of time because everybody reads and listens these days.
    I do think that Mr Seville is an excellent fellow, although I do not like the commodity Tin very much especially as I understand that the Indonesians lost control of some of their tin deposits and they were mined, uncontrolled supply, and undermined , excuse the pun, the tin price . I am concerned in case that could happen again.I should also like to see if a share issue is to be used to be able to pay Murchison the $10 million as this could adversly affect the share price, if the price of any issue was pitched at a low price.
    Do not listen to me as I have been wrong so many times and I do not think on a normal basis,relevent to weighing up variables including importance issues for example, and to make matters worse I tend to be a contrarian.You never go broke taking a profit is also another well thought of saying.
    Best wishes to you ellie2000 . B2
    I am not advising anybody as everybody should carry out their own research

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