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    Elkedra should soon have some info on their Drilling campaign for diamonds in the NT.

    Wouldn't surprise if it's the flavour of the month over the next 8 weeks.

    At the current price of 27.5 cents the market cap is approx 10 million with approx only 50% of shares that aren't held by directors etc available to be bought and sold.

    If you're into big jumps and volatility then over the next few months this may be the stock for you.

    It's a favourite of Huntley's and will feature prominently in Shares and Shares Weekly etc..

    There is also the possilbilty that the magnetic anomalies they are presently drilling may turn out to be METALLIC ?

    Also why have Metex directors recently been busy purchasing MEE shares especially since they are a major shareholder in Elkedra and were there original sponsors ?????

    If you've got the guts then Ready, Get set and hopefully GO !!!

    Metex Resources Limited 7,145,200 20.43
    Tompkins Linda Anne 2,520,050 7.21
    Taylor Wayne Robert 2,500,050 7.15
    Maitland Trustees Ltd 1,500,000 4.29
    RJ Peters Pty Ltd 1,000,000 2.86
    Ryall Gregory Anthony 900,000 2.57
    WSF Pty Ltd 500,000 1.43
    Boldbow Pty Ltd 450,000 1.29
    El Dro Mining and Explora 450,000 1.29
    WSF Pty Ltd 440,000 1.26
    Zurich Bay Holdings PL 400,000 1.14
    State One Equities Pty Lt 370,000 1.06
    All-States Secretarial Lt 320,000 .92
    Fit Investents Pty Ltd 300,000 .86
    Siew Mei Koung 260,000 .74
    Jildane Pty Ltd 250,000 .71
    Chuen Chiew Yuen 240,000 .69
    State One Holdings Pty Lt 225,000 .64
    Edea Pty Ltd 220,000 .63
    IJK Investments Pty Ltd 200,000 .57

    TOP 20 TOTAL 20,190,300 57.74%

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Currently unlisted public company.

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