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elephant sized hydrocarbon resource

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    Two independent and leading industry resource quantifiers have reviewed and declared that 2 MAE leases are likely to have 33.5 Trillion cubic feet of gas in place (resource added together from two seperate reviews that examined the individual resources) .

    Recoverable resource is estimated to be within the 2.4 -4.3 Trillion cubic feet range .

    Explorers seek resource elephants everywhere . Here is a herd of elephants that is already discovered and currently valued at under AUD$100 million . How many wildcat drills could $100 million buy you with only the dream and hope of finding a multi Trillion cf resource in the biggest energy consuming country in the world?
    The MAE resource is found .

    The Coal Seam Resource alone is larger than most Australian CSG company resources and most of them have not started producing .
    MAE are already at the dewatering stage with ramp up to full production the next stage . Long dewatering is the norm for CSG .
    QGC and AOE have both been down the impatient road of dewatering, but both have matured now - one is to be taken over and the other has been subject of major international cash investment .

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