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    Tonights News, - A 40% Cost increase in last three years , amounts to outright "PIRACY", Our family (4) pays 3k a year currently, the way things are going that will rise to 10 k in a few short years. Dont worry about that figure.

    These Monopolies are pirating their coffers with huge $$. Our $$$$'s
    Exec's being paid abnormal Salaries and Travel / Entertainment Junkets on the side every day of the week.
    I know for a fact this is Thousands.

    Contractors are on 'Fourple' time if it so much has a spit of rain, Throw the private Organisations out, as well as the Gov and get back to Governments providing their 'Community obligations' for the General Community. Sick of BS.

    What is going to stop this out of control Train ????

    Privatisation Gone Mad.
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