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    A couple of articles around scooter rentals in Spain by a city council.  Scooters supplied by one of Vmoto's distributors - emisiones00.


    The Electra project disclosed in the European Mobility Week 2014 in Murcia
    19.09.2014 | 15:28​
    19.09.2014 | 15:28

    EP Citizens can see firsthand what the advantages of getting around the city with an electric motorcycle that Murcia is a city that has a rental system of electric motorcycles.  The Councillor for the Environment, Adela Martinez-Cache, attended Friday at the opening of the day of presentation and dissemination of the Electra Project.
    Like other European cities, said Martinez-Cache, "we are moving in the use in urban areas of electric motorcycles." The head of the Environment has also that next to bicycle, electric motorcycle "is a key in the field of mobility in the municipality of Murcia" targeted.
    This event, which is part of the activities scheduled for the European Mobility Week has served to raise awareness of this European project in which the city of Murcia participates through GER, and European Programmes Service .
    Electra works to promote the growth of electric mobility through a loan system and shared electric motorcycle use in urban environments.
    Throughout the day have been given to know the benefits associated with the Electra Project, as well as dedicating an open address the current state of electric mobility in the city of Murcia space, where it has had the participation of people interested the field of sustainable mobility and electro-mobility.
    The Department of Environment has sought to provide an opportunity for those involved in mobility projects in Murcia to share experiences, provide ideas and solutions in the field of electric vehicles, recharging associated infrastructure, as well as the necessary growth infrastructure for electric mobility in general.
    day was also attended by the heads of two companies in Murcia rental and sale of electric motorcycles directly involved in the Electra Project: Emissions 00, 'www.emisiones00.com' and Murcia on Wheels, 'www.murciasobreruedas. s'.



    Electric bikes do not attract younger
    Although renting these vehicles has doubled in the past seven months, the user profile is a person over 25 years

    20.09.2014 | 04:00​
    20/09/2014 | 4:00
    Electric bikes do not attract younger

    Getting around the city with an electric motorcycle has its advantages and seems to Murcia begin to know them, as is clear from the data that drives Emissions 00 and Murcia on Wheels, the two companies that offer rental services of these vehicles in Murcia. So, renting these bikes has doubled in the past seven months, from about 16 rentals in February at 33 last August.
    Still, it seems that this service does not attract younger, because rents are just made for users under the age of 25, as Mary says to VIEW Cruz-Ferreira Costa, managing director of the Local Energy Agency Climate Change and Murcia (GER).
    It notes that a frequent demand profile person renting electric bikes is' a user who is interested in buying a bike and want to try first for a month. On the other hand, there is great interest in this type of rent bikes by companies.
    "For only 145 euros per month are neglectful of breakdowns, maintenance, insurance and helmet, among other things," says Costa-Ferreira, who notes that this service becomes very advantageous for business groups and SMEs.
    Within the hire professional artists include delivery companies, home service and self catering in general.  "This kind of customer opts for long term rentals to own the residual value of the vehicle," adds Managing Director of GER, who explains that the most common are the holiday for months, and it is rare for rent day or weekend.
    However, there are also people who need to rent electric bike to time for having your own vehicle in the shop or for a family comes and needs to move swiftly through the city.Finally, there are tourists who rented for short periods of 4 or 5 days to get around town and around freely.
    Regarding the use of electric bikes, the Councillor for the Environment, Adela Martinez-Cache, yesterday attended the opening day of the presentation and dissemination of project Electra, framed within the activities scheduled to mark the European Week Mobility.
    Electra works to promote the growth of electric mobility through a loan system and shared electric motorcycle use in urban environments.
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