lotlot1, lithium is not a rare earth,(and neither is cobalt,...

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    lotlot1, lithium is not a rare earth,(and neither is cobalt, nickel or graphite) it is a very light, highly reactive alkali metal just below hydrogen on the periodic table. Like any industrial process refining ore to lithium carbonate will produce waste but it is not radioactive.

    The so called "rare earths" have high atomic weights and are the 15 elements of the Lanthanide series on the periodic table (+ the lighter Scandium and Yttrium) adjacent to the radioactive Actinide series. They have thousands of uses in todays world ranging from magnets, numerous electronic, medical, optical, catalytic and industrial purposes which obviously include EVs but not Lithium batteries, in fact the modern world would cease to function as we know it without "rare earths".

    In relation to Lynas, they are the only current "rare earth" producer with any scale outside China and the Chinese desperately want to shut them down so they can hold the rest of the world to ransom. To this end they fund several Malaysian "green" politicians to spread lies and innuendo about Lynas and their so called radioactive waste when the reality is that that the by-product of Lynas's refining process has lower radioactivity than the Malaysian natural background radiation.

    There have been multiple threads on this topic on the Lynas (LYC) forum but a very telling one is a press statement from Andrew Goledzinowski, Australia's High Commissioner to Malaysia on June 10th. Post # 38992159 by RVR.

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