Electric cars not the best option, page-7

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    Lol... it is classic isn't it KP...you couldn't write a script like this.

    First the UN hits the panic button and tries to convince everybody that we are all going to fry...then they identify Carbon Dioxide, the elixir of life as we know it as the culprit. Some "Scientists" saw the cash cow waiting and support the theory that the climate is warming and it is CO2 causing it. Al Gore must have seen it first though...

    Then the UN tell us we must shut down all coal fired electricity generators and buy unreliable and expensive wind generators and solar generators to generate electricity costing millions more and pushing the cost of power up and up.

    Now they have decided that isn't enough so they are convincing everybody that we must drive electric cars...cars that have to be recharged every day if you use the thing, at a massive increase in electricity consumption at an ever increasing cost.

    Damn...I should have bought shares in power companies years ago...a licence to print money, aided and abetted by the AGW fanatics, and all paid for by the dumb and gullible Joe Public.


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