THAT is a girls ''car''. A real ''car'' has scrub bars, hi-lift,...

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    THAT is a girls ''car''. A real ''car'' has scrub bars, hi-lift, bullbar, and a roof rack
    My sister-in-laws latest model diesel real ''car'' like that one failed to make it outta the Perth metro towing a ''real'' off-road van as the transmission torched itself on the Kwinana Freeway. 18,000k's on the clock. At least it managed to crawl to the dealers. Buy a Tojo, Patton!
    I will admit EV's have some short-comings. But what is envisaged in the future will more than likely be quite sufficient for the vast majority of road users. I won't bother mentioning the power, speed, maintenance, and operational cost comparisons.
    That ''thing'' in the Photo is what's known as a Toorak Tractor or a Fairweather Fourby. Not suitable for ''real'' men, just like an EV 4x4.
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