Electric cars not the best option, page-549

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    Did you actually read the report ?

    For a university study it seems pretty loose to me.

    " A battery pack for a Tesla Model 3 pollutes the climate with 11 to 15 tonnes of CO2. Each battery pack has a lifespan of approximately ten years and total mileage of 94,000, would mean 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometer (116 to 156 grams of CO2 per mile), Buchal said. Add to this the CO2 emissions of the electricity from powerplants that power such vehicles, and the actual Tesla emissions could be between 156 to 180 grams of CO2 per kilometer (249 and 289 grams of CO2 per mile). "

    They've got the mileage wrong. By a factor of three or four probably. Then , they talk about charging the car from fossil. They say it could produce these emissions.
    If you're going to pay the extra for an ev you're probably also going to charge it with renewable power.

    Isn't it funny that accompanying the story is a picture of a charging station with a diesel generator highlighted in the background.

    I smell a rat...........................
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