Electric cars not the best option

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    Electric Vehicles are all the rage with people claiming lots of benefits that don't exist and pressure from the money people to replace all cars in the world with EVs

    The renewable power supply industry which is now huge and was introduced by the insertion of putting "fear" into the public's minds through the media, these industries are a continuation of the same thing --- making money

    The money people are not content with manufacturing new white goods or a few new cars, they want to replace complete existing structures

    Replace all the power stations in the world
    Replace all the cars in the world

    How soon will it be before they replace all the houses in the world

    Regarding cars we already have a viable option instead of the expensive poor performing EVs

    Australia has almost unlimited supplies of LPG
    LPG is not 100% pollution free but the EV's are also not 100% pollution free regardless of the hype.

    The current crop of transport can mostly be retro fitted and all new vehicles can be powered by suitable gas compliant engines

    If the environmentalists were honest in their claims they would have been demanding LPG powered vehicles as a compulsory move to improve the environment

    It has the other advantage that we would have a guaranteed fuel supply without imports
    It could be cheaper if we used Australian prices rather than Singapore pricing
    All the infrastructure is basically in place

    SO why has the government been telling lies when on one hand they claim to be protecting the environment when on the other they are dissuading people from using a viable alternative that's already in our own back yard
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