Election summary

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    1. The Senate I think is going to be an unworkable disaster, and the key fear economic wise is how China may respond given the Clive Palmer factor especially if he gets into the Senate and starts influencing Coalition policy (as his view of reward for what he has done for the Coalition). (In WA his ads were very borderline almost claiming Chinese 'invasion', whilst the Chinese have in part underpinned the Australian economy last 15 years btw). The key though is the Senate may not be workable, if the lower house results get into a senate makeup as well.
    2. Australians voted for their hip pocket. The issue is without a policy agenda how will the Coalition manage the upcoming recession. There will be a recession as the economy is already sick (and would have been regardless of whether the ALP had won).
    3. Best thing to happen to the LNP is TA gone, so gives Morrison breathing air to do things, hopefully. Some of the misfits still around - would have been nice if Dutton and Sukkar lost their seats to give more breathing space but with TA gone these two are less effective anyway. Morrison can now lead.
    4. Climate change action cannot be done counter intuitive to jobs (Qld best reflects that), especially if other countries like China are not pulling their weight. The ALP and Greens need to understand that - jobs come first.
    5. Despite I don't like TA much his view on the election result was spot on - been workers voted with their hip pocket and view for aspiration should they come good from that toil, and the more affluent areas of Oz having a Green conscience, but ultimately you need to govern for all Australians
    6. Morrison's presedential campaign and in delivery was the end result that gets the LNP over the line. As per Hewson (even though virtually all his policies were subsequently adopted by future governments) I doubt you will ever see an opposition ever give a big big plan again on what they will do if get into government. Keating won with Australia in the mist of recession, Morrison won with a rabble government.
    7. BS was at the end of the day the LNP's dream choice. Albanese looks a stronger personality based on his own speech and just showed in that delivery how BS was so out of his depth in dealing with Morrison. Albanese is more Hawke style in delivery and would have been a better choice, so the ALP parliamentary members when they outvoted their own membership (who wanted Albanese) to choose BS ultimately gave a gift to the LNP.
    8 Hopefully, Morrison can get 76 seats because relying on independents in the lower house isn't good, given the blockers I suspect you already have on the Senate.
    9. And then there is opinion polls. the polls themselves had around 15% - 20% of people been undecided, and clearly they decided on polling day they didn't want a change of government.

    All IMO

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