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    Written comments in relation to the EIS are invited from any person within the submission period. The submission period commences Monday 2 November 2009 and concludes at close of business on Friday 11 December 2009.

    Table 1.2 Project Approval Timetable
    Project Approval Date
    Submission of Draft Terms of Reference (TOR) July 2008
    Public Comment on Draft TOR August September 2008
    TOR Finalised and published October December 2008
    Draft Baseline Studies May 2008 March 2009
    Finalise Baseline Studies March 2009
    Develop Draft EIS and EM Plan October 2008 March 2009
    Draft EIS and EM Plan reviewed by Proponent July - August 2009
    Submission of Draft EIS to Queensland Department of
    Environment and Resource Management (DERM) September 2009
    DERM decides if Draft EIS meets Final TOR October 2009
    Public Comment Period on EIS October 2009 - November 2009
    Response to Comments and Submission of Amended
    EIS December 2009
    DERM Assessment Report on EIS February 2010
    Draft Environmental Authority issued March 2010
    EIS Section 1 - Introduction 1-12 September 2009
    Project Approval Date
    Environmental Authority and Mining Lease Objection
    Period April May 2010
    Granting of Mining Leases June 2010 (estimate only)
    DERM issues Environmental Authority (if no objections
    received) 10 business days after the granting of
    Mining Leases
    July 2010
    Plan of Operations accepted and submit Financial
    Assurance July 2010
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