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eight viacom cbs sites for looksmart

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    I've now counted Eight of the Viacom new CBS "Local Search" sites being completed to date, & with ALL of them clearly containing Looksmart Search results plus a "Furl" reference at the bottom of each page, of those results.

    Check this out !!!!!!!!!!!



    There are an initial total of SEVENTEEN of these CBS sites, that appear to be an (as yet, unannounced) part of a Looksmart involvement with Viacom.

    Left hand column, here:


    Those completed include, Denver (KCNC), New York (KCBS), Chicargo (WBBM), Philadelphia (KYW), San Francisco (KPIX), Minneapoulis (WCCO), Salt Lake City (WJZ) & Baltimore (KUTV).

    Note (also) the Looksmart Furl "Save it" option on each Site, (top left hand corner) to enable users to save articles within the network of these CBS Sites.


    SLICCWARE Corporation Announcement:

    Viacom Television Stations Group Launches a
    Series of New Web Sites Using FlexibleEnterprise
    Reston, VA -- June 3, 2005

    This week, Viacom Television Stations Group launched the first in a series of approximately 40 local television websites with FlexibleEnterprise, the latest SLICCWARE product, as the core component for all search-related sections of the sites. The remaining sites will be launched, approximately one a week, over the upcoming year.

    FlexibleEnterprise™ will also provide the ability to integrate search results returned by partners such as LookSmart and Verizon Super Pages into the overall search experience. Finally, in an attempt to make online advertising a desirable experience, SLICCWARE will be providing specialized software for managing and integrating targeted advertising from both national and local advertisers that wish to reach very specific local audiences with timely meaningful ads.

    This is BIG News IMO, with many "users" of search almost assured, when complete and fully launched!!!


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